Training correspondent

Continuous training allows you to update your skills, develop new qualifications, and take stock of your aptitudes and potential for progression.

Covering scientific or operational fields, training allows the development of skills necessary for the development of a scientific project or a service project of the unit. It can also respond to a desire for professional development.

The training is intended for all paid staff of the CNRS, INSERM and the University, researchers, engineers, technicians and students, whether they work full-time or part-time, on fixed-term or permanent contracts.

Within the laboratory, in addition to the unit director, the training correspondent (CoFo) is your first level contact.

Within the delegations, training managers can help you to carry out your projects:


For the CNRS:

Elise Douat and Laure Ducourneau

The training correspondents draw up an annual training plan that includes statutory or ongoing training activities for staff members. This is validated by the unit director.

Training correspondent INSERM & UB
Delphine DARGERE
Training correspondent CNRS & UB