ChemBioPharm is a research team dedicated to nucleic acid chemistry for biomedical applications.

The ChemBioPharm teams encompass two groups working on

  • nucleosides and oligonucleotides conjugates
  • nucleic acid-based aptamers.

Our team combines expertises and know-how in chemistry (nucleic acids, bioorganic, supramolecular, physico-chemistry, analytical chemistry, biopharmacy, pharmacotechnie and biophysic. All team members study novel synthetic nucleic acid derivatives allowing biomedical applications in different fields, including bioinspired materials, advanced drug delivery systems and RNA therapeutics approaches. Accordingly, our team project aims at developing new molecular and supramolecular systems involving synthetic nucleic acids. Our favorite games, the hybrid nucleic acid structures or conjugates (i.e. Nucleolipids, GlycoNucleoLipids, LipidOligonucleotides etc) feature fascinating physico chemical and biological properties. The unique properties of these hybrid molecules allow their interaction with key biological processes at RNA level (therapeutic applications), improve the delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API, nucleic acid, proteins, drugs), and construct nucleic acids-based supramolecular structures (soft materials).

Topic :

  • Nucleic acid research
  • Drug distribution
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Medical Chemistry
  • Biomaterials