Potential molecular targets discovered to fight unicellular parasites

The work of Yaser Hashem and Marie Sissler, published in the journal PNAS, is honored by the INC.

This work focuses on the study of mitoribosomes in pathogenic parasites of the trypanosome and leishmania family. Understanding the structure and maturation of these mitoribosomes contributes to the identification of new molecular and therefore therapeutic targets that can be exploited in the development of new and safer treatments against this family of dangerous parasites, responsible for serious diseases such as Chagas disease and leishmaniases.
Most of the action against trypanosomes today is preventive and consists in fighting the insects that propagate these parasites. The discoveries reported in this study are a promise of progress in medical research for safer and especially more specific therapies, compared to the few current treatments that are extremely heavy and toxic.


Structure of the mature kinetoplastids mitoribosome and insights into its large subunit biogenesis, Heddy Soufari, Florent Waltz, Camila Parrot, Stéphanie Durrieu, Anthony Bochler, Lauriane Kuhn, Marie Sissler, and Yaser Hashem PNAS, 24 novembre 2020.